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When do you ever get to attack your parents with a noodle? By: Chiara

Last week, at the Dojang, we were doing twenty second reps: Speed sparring, sprints, push-ups, planks and sit-ups and the best one of all was NOODLE WARS! We each took one noodle and one hand shield. The first round we had to hook arms with a partner and attack other teams. The second round it was black belts against colored belts. The last round, it was kids against parents! We screamed at the top of our lungs and we attacked them as hard as we could! I have to say, that was probably one of the most fun times I had at Taekwon-Do! And anyway, when else do you get to attack your parents with a noodle? I guess at a pool party too but lets stick with the Taekwon-Do subject.

Can’t wait until next week!