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Life mimicking martial art – by Grace

I have only been doing Taekwon-Do for the last 6 years and upon reflecting I realize that despite this I have had several grand masters inspire me throughout my life.

I recently said good-bye to one of my most influential grand masters who embodied the 5 tenets of Taekwon-Do before I ever knew what they were.  Although, she never practiced martial arts herself, she modeled the essence of what we aspire to in our training.

Courtesy – she taught me what it meant to be considerate of others in thoughts words and actions
Integrity – she taught me that honesty and humility align us with our personal integrity
Perseverance – she showed me what true perseverance was by finding the courage to try things she had never done and use mistakes as feedback to do even better
Self-control – she taught me the importance of finding a safe space to deal with tough situations and to breathe, really BREATHE
Indomitable spirit – even faced with life’s greatest hardships and cruelest of circumstances she pushed through and thrived, leaving a legacy of love and devotion.

To all the grand masters out there, whether you are martial artists or not, a sincere thank you.

Riposa in pace Nonna.


Self Defence by Sofia

Don’t think of Taekwon-Do as just an after school activity.The things I’ve been taught there actually helped me in life. For example, self defence techniques have come in handy for me. Last week after school when I was walking to my bus to get home, the sidewalk was very icy. I was trying to go quick because it was cold. As I was walking I slipped and fell, but I didn’t get hurt because I did a break-fall.  No scratches or bruises!

A break-fall is how you protect your head and back from getting hurt when someone pushes you or you’re about to fall. I’ve used it and it actually works! 🙂

Another example is when someone was trying to drag me to a place I did not want to go. I was able to break out of their grip and get free by using a wrist grab defence technique. It was not a serious situation but at least I could protect myself.

Taekwon-Do is a martial art that helped me build my confidence, make new friends and also helped me prevent getting hurt. I look forward to practicing and learning more self defence techniques.