Self Defence – By Robert


As the title suggests it is about being able to provide defence for oneSELF in various situations.  It all begins with self awareness, and confidence.

It is something that many people say, “I hope no one needs to use it”.  Without realizing that in many many cases we are using it in our every day lives constantly.  Much of it in the forms of avoidance and de-escalation of potentially dangerous or difficult situations.

I am proud of my family and the journey we embarked on and the progress we have made on this front.  We have been able to use it walking into meetings and negociating, with friends in the school yard, and on stage performing a musical piece for concerts.  A lot of this has to do with confidence and being positive.  If we address these situations with a timid and uncertain tone in our voices then others will react accordingly; and outcomes will be less than desirable for ourselves.

I noticed that when I enter a meeting negotiating deliverables and I am positive and non-confrontational the others in the room will be much more amenable to reaching a compromise.  Also, when I get the others in the room to focus on the successful deliverables already in place and then onto the challenges that they are facing; everyone is more creative and work better together.

So remain positive and build upon successes!  This is what I will be doing with my family this coming week-end while testing for our black belts.


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