Breaking the Psychological Barrier – by Robert

The UBBT physical conditioning is going great!  Getting to sets of 40 reps went well.

Now comes a challenging part for me.  What I refer to as, “breaking the psychological barrier”.  “What is that”, you ask.  It’s getting through the sets of 40 reps and on to the 50’s.  Perhaps it’s because I am afraid of some day hitting the 50’s (age that is).

So, what I’ve begun to do is break it down into 20 + 10 + another 20.  For some reason that seems to work.  Is it because I enjoyed my 20’s more . . . Maybe!

The same thing happens with the one minute of plank.  I get to a certain number of seconds and then my body says, “enough already!”  But if I know there are only 20 seconds or so to go, then I can get my mind to kick in and psych myself to complete the challenge.

Break your psychological barriers and complete your challenges!

Happy training : )


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