Life mimicking martial art – by Grace

I have only been doing Taekwon-Do for the last 6 years and upon reflecting I realize that despite this I have had several grand masters inspire me throughout my life.

I recently said good-bye to one of my most influential grand masters who embodied the 5 tenets of Taekwon-Do before I ever knew what they were.  Although, she never practiced martial arts herself, she modeled the essence of what we aspire to in our training.

Courtesy – she taught me what it meant to be considerate of others in thoughts words and actions
Integrity – she taught me that honesty and humility align us with our personal integrity
Perseverance – she showed me what true perseverance was by finding the courage to try things she had never done and use mistakes as feedback to do even better
Self-control – she taught me the importance of finding a safe space to deal with tough situations and to breathe, really BREATHE
Indomitable spirit – even faced with life’s greatest hardships and cruelest of circumstances she pushed through and thrived, leaving a legacy of love and devotion.

To all the grand masters out there, whether you are martial artists or not, a sincere thank you.

Riposa in pace Nonna.

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