Tul – Acceleration and Power

Grace here!

This week was patterns and sparring week and as I reflect on lessons learned my awareness is drawn toward the acceleration and power in patterns.  Although I’ve been doing some of these patterns for years, the brain still gets muddled when asked to do all patterns at once – it is definitely a work in progress, that requires practice, practice and more practice.

Overall, I have noted improvement on form and fluidity since I started TKD.  This week, with the kind assistance of one of our conscientious leadership team members, my awareness was brought to improving the acceleration and power in my movements.

A properly executed pattern is poetry to watch, and I have seen many a beautiful pattern performed by TKD masters live and on-line.  The well executed sign waves, timed acceleration and powerful impact at just the right moment against an imaginary opponent are easy to observe and admire when done properly and an eye sore when not.

BBX Goal #1:

My goal for patterns improvement between now and the next time we train for patterns at the dojang is to decrease the eye sores by focusing on the acceleration of each movement right before the moment of imaginary impact. This will be accomplished by increasing practice times and incorporating music to patterns practice, which we did in the dojang for the first time this week.

Although performing patterns to music was confusing for me at first, I can understand how the rhythm of different musical pieces helps to focus the execution of each movement.   I also observed this when my daughters performed a musical team pattern for a tournament.  It all comes together differently, more eloquently.

Before going off to practice some patterns, I share with you one of my family’s favorite online patterns videos performed by 6th degree Black Belt, Jaroslaw Suska.  He truly embodies excellence in acceleration and power in his patterns.  Here is one of my personal favorites where he performs Joong-Gun Tul – Enjoy!


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